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Ahad, 11 April 2021 - Guerrilla Artchitects Studio, Shop and Gallery was given the opportunity from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Development, to design and execute the third phase of the Jalan Roberts Pedestrianization Project. The planning started in the year 2018 with the involvement of Municipal Department of Bandar Seri Begawan and Public Works Department. The first design that was presented has evolved to the current design that is now on the wall of LOT 155 adjacent to "Panggong Borneo" cinema. 

The Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB) Municipal Department of Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) is carrying out The Pedestrianization of Jalan Roberts and Adjacent Alleyways initiative, together with the Ministry of Development (MoD), in a bid to liven up sections of the capital. 

The initial concept behind the design was inspired to incorporate many forms and elements representing Brunei Darussalam. The elements compromise of using vivid colours that represent the nation and the country, the abundance of tropical rainforest and the most iconic and historically important landmark - Kampong Ayer.  

With the involvement of ten Brunei local youth artists, whereby six artist are from Guerrilla Artchitects and four invited Artist, the mural was completed within three weeks (17th December 2020 – 8th January 2021). This was due to the support given by the implementation team from BSB Municipal Department, MoHA and Public Works Development, MoD; and involvement of agencies that contributed into the Big Wall Mural project by providing all the necessary facilities and resources required to move forward in creating the very first and largest mural in Brunei Darussalam - The Big Wall. 

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